Business 2 Business Partners

Max Capital Management Business 2 Business partners enjoy our specialised services which help improve their core service offering whilst organically growing their business revenue from existing and new clients.


Max Capital Management deals primarily with 4 types of business to business partners:


Mortgage Brokers

We have found that Mortgage Brokers like the ‘bolt-on’ specialised service we provide. They can unlock additional revenue from their existing clients by helping suitable clients to purchase investment property through super. In addition, from our ongoing management of the client’s SMSF, we can help the Mortgage Broker to assist their client’s to accumulate more properties throughout their investment time horizon, as per their client’s objectives.


Investment Property Consultants

Primarily this segment of the real estate market has typically dealt with clients wishing to use equity in their owner occupied home to leverage the purchase of investment property outside superannuation.


This group utilise our services to help their existing clients purchase direct property using their superannuation where appropriate. They often use our Mortgage Broker partners for the SMSF specialist finance arrangements to complete the sales process.



This specialised group of professionals typically receive a lot of enquires about SMSF specialist advice. They are very competent in the taxation and compliance work required for the ongoing operation of an SMSF. However, they may not hold the appropriate Australian Financial Services Licence required to deliver specialised advice in this area.


Max Capital Management regularly help Accountants with the set up of the structures required to help their clients purchase property through their Superannuation. Accountants often use our Mortgage Broker partners and Investment Property Consultants to source the finance and specific investment property for purchase.


Commercial & Business Property Agents

If your business clients own their commercial premises which they operate the business from, then there is a lucrative strategy available to them which can save on tax and prepare them for retirement. We help these clients transition their commercial premises into their Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) and also manage the compliance and taxation requirements ongoing.


We can also set up business protection insurance (inclusive of key person cover & buy sell agreements) between the directors of the business. Our advice also provides recommendations on how to fund this cover in the most tax effective manner.


Want to know more?

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