Max Capital Management can work with you to develop, implement and maintain a comprehensive financial strategy that meets your personal needs. This will assist you and your family in maximising your wealth, providing financial security for your lifestyle and protection against unforseen risks.


For individuals we provide a full wealth advisory service.


This includes the development of financial objectives, the recommendation of appropriate ownership structures, application of our expertise to your tailored investment selection and ongoing review.


We will discuss with you and determine your individual requirements and how our range of services may assist. This may include debt structuring and lending arrangements, advice on the technicalities of superannuation, investments and your risk insurance needs.


We also consider and look to mitigate your investment risk and ensure that assets are transferred between family members in the most tax effective manner.


In order to bring structure and control to affairs which may have become fragmented from a lack of time or experience, an understanding of the big picture and management of the details are both necessary.


We understand that wealth preservation and growth are only achieved by adopting a long-term consistent approach that is focused on a set of objectives – and reviewed regularly – to ensure appropriate outcomes. We can work with you to achieve these wealth preservation goals.


Max Capital Management can provide advice in the following areas:


  • Financial planning – from identifying goals and financial issues, to preparing and implementing a financial plan. Our clients develop a powerful vision of the future and a realistic plan to achieve it.
  • Superannuation and retirement strategies – including Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF).
  • Investment advice – including direct shares, property investments, managed funds and private equity opportunities.
  • Access to exclusive opportunities via private market investment


The financial planning service we offer you is set out in a written agreement which clearly establishes our ongoing obligations and how we charge. This on-going service is provided on a fee-for-service basis with no commissions influencing our investment recommendations. Fees can be paid from your superannuation where appropriate.


Want to know more?

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