One of the advantages of a SMSF over other types of superannuation is that you can use this vehicle to buy direct investment property with your super. You can even borrow money inside your SMSF (via a Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangement) so you can afford a property worth more than your super assets.


Property in SMSF

Investing in property is a widely adopted strategy to create long-term, sustainable wealth. Now you can take advantage of these great benefits using your superannuation:


  • Would you like to increase your investment property portfolio?
  • Would you like to purchase an investment property without out impacting your take home pay?
  • Would you like to make an investment in property and pay zero capital gains tax (CGT)?
  • Would you like a simple strategy to plan for your self-funded retirement?


This is all possible, very achievable and also relatively easy with the right advice.


All you need is a combined superannuation balance of $150,000 to invest in a property valued up to $300,000, or a combined superannuation balance of $200,000 to invest in a property valued up to $400,000. Please feel free to contact us even if you do not meet minimum requirements specified here, as we are able to help with alternatives to achieve an investment in property via superannuation.


With the right team and the right advice, putting together the right strategy is simple.


At Max Capital Management we provide a single contact and comprehensive service with our SMSF gearing solution.


You will have access to a specialist SMSF Adviser who will advise you step by step through the process from start to finish. We will also administer and manage your SMSF to ensure you meet all ongoing trustee legislative responsibilities.


Want to know more?

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