Our insurance services are not strategically aligned to any life or general insurer. We access all major insurance providers to tailor a wealth protection package according to your individual requirements.


Our Risk Insurance Service

Maintaining your family’s lifestyle and financial well being in the case of you or your partner’s death, illness or disablement is a crucial consideration.


Max Capital Management can provide you with advice and guidance on the range of insurance offerings that are available to families, individuals and businesses.


We understand that structuring the insurance to be affordable on any budget, whilst maximising tax effectiveness, is paramount to our clients needs. We seek to structure insurance in the most tax effective way giving consideration to affordability, accessibility, the final after tax benefit available to beneficiaries and the tax effectiveness of premiums. Therefore we always consider the ability to structure some of your risk insurance inside your superannuation or Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) to fund premium cost where appropriate.


To ensure that your financial plan continues to achieve the growth of your wealth securely in the event that anything should happen to you, we provide insurance recommendations in the following areas:


Income Protection – Income protection is insurance that provides you a replacement income stream in the event of illness or injury that prevents you from being able to work in your regular occupation.


Term Life Cover – Provides a lump sum benefit payable in the event of your death to ensure that your estate planning needs are met. If you are deemed to be terminally ill, the death benefit may be paid out earlier to assist with medical expenses and provide you with greater control over your estate planning.


Trauma Cover – Trauma cover is a diagnosis only insurance. A lump sum benefit is payable in the event that you are diagnosed with a major critical illness condition such as cancer, heart attack, stroke, and coronary artery disease as well as more than 30 other ancillary conditions.


Total and Permanent Disability Insurance (TPD) - TPD cover provides a lump sum benefit in the event that you suffer an illness or injury which permanently prevents you from working in any occupation.


Business Expense Protection – Business expense insurance reimburses your business for fixed and ongoing expenses in the event of illness or injury which prevents you from being able to work in your regular occupation.


Key Person Insurance – Key person insurance insures an employer against the death or incapacitation of a key employee, such as an executive, partner, principal shareholder or highly successful salesperson. Key person insurance is relevant to both large companies and small partnerships.


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