Max Capital Management has the experience and capabilities to provide full strategic financial and retirement planning advice, whilst specialising in guiding our clients through the end to end process to achieve property investment in a SMSF. Through our expert SMSF advice we give our clients control of their superannuation whilst taking care of the technical and legislative responsibilities on behalf of our SMSF trustees. Our expertise can also help our clients to put their retirement savings into suitable directly held investments giving them direct control of their financial future.


Max Capital Management provides professional, intuitive, and knowledgeable opinions that aide in helping you plan your future with certainty.
Max Capital Management provides you up-to-date financial market information to help you make decisions that secure your financial future.


Having 24 hour 7 day a week access to your SMSF retirement savings is important. We provide you with a comprehensive online portal that enables you to access your SMSF whenever it proves convenient for you.


Max Capital Management will keep you advised and informed on a range of financial planning matters including:


  • Helping you pay down a SMSF property loan sooner so your SMSF owns your investment property faster.
  • Your capped contributions limits, so you don’t inadvertently pay unnecessary extra tax.
  • Your pension payments to meet your minimum requirements by the end of the financial year.


Our specialist SMSF Advisers  are able to help you face to face, by phone and online. We feel that our clientele value this personalised service.


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